Brenda Noy in a peacock feathered gown.

Brenda Noy is a sustainable and socially responsible fashion brand that celebrates every woman.

Brenda Noy is a fashion designer and artist from Puerto Rico based in Miami.  Former Interior Designer, her fascination and passion for textures, color combinations and exquisite eye for  fashion led her to open the  first  atelier in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2012, later moving the production and store to Miami in 2017. 
In love with beauty in every facet of life, a quality that influences her designing process and work. Her impeccable taste, distinctive eye for color, textures, proportion and contrasting combinations, as well as her artistic sensibility, make her garments unique pieces of art specially designed for women in search of timeless garments that will never go out of style.
Brenda Noy’s woman is edgy and straight forward but ultra-feminine. She expresses her love for beauty as her essence and manipulates fashion as a description of herself to her surroundings never overwhelmed or intimidated by it.  She also transcends the need for a little black dress and dives deep into a sometimes colorful and golden wonderland with equally powerful results. Yet she is infinitely more beautiful inside and quietly seductive on the outside.
Brenda Noy language is multiversity of precisely structured tailoring, adorned with textural wonders from a self-created mythical world. Fluent in the layering of transparencies, laces, leathers, textures, and colors intimately, weaving in verses of perfectly juxtaposed flowing textile designs in every piece.
Brenda Noy’s work is known for its nontraditional synthesis of singular materials in a very feminine aesthetic making each piece one of a kind works of art usually created upon request.